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Development of several new energy saving building materials

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Development of several new energy saving building materials

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Development of several new energy saving building materials

In recent years, China has made positive progress in wall material innovation and promotion of energy-saving buildings. In 2006, the output of new wall materials in China reached 385 billion standard bricks, accounting for 46% of the total wall materials. The scope of application has been expanding, and the technical level has been significantly improved. The country has built 1.1 billion square meters of energy-saving residential buildings, saved more than 96 million tons of standard coal, saved 1.8 million mu of land, and comprehensively utilized 1.106 billion tons of various industrial waste.

In recent years, the rapid growth of China's construction industry has directly stimulated the rapid development of building waterproof materials industry, especially the new building waterproof materials have made great progress. In 2008, the total output of various waterproof materials in China reached 769 million square meters, an increase of 12.5% over the same period last year. Among them, the total amount of new waterproof materials is 599 million square meters, accounting for 77.9% of the total waterproof materials.

In recent years, glass wool, rock (mineral) cotton as the representative of new insulation materials have also made rapid development. The use of new insulation materials in buildings has greatly saved energy and contributed to the implementation of sustainable development strategy.

The development of building decoration and decoration materials has attracted more attention. The production capacity and output have been greatly increased. The product quality, grade and supporting level have been significantly improved. The production scale and technical equipment are gradually approaching the international advanced level. China has become the world's largest producer of decorative materials, a big consumer country and a big exporter. The material-oriented products not only rank first in the world for many years in total volume, but also the per capita consumption index has approached and exceeded the world advanced level.

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