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Definition of green building materials

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Definition of green building materials

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Green building materials refer to non-toxic, non-polluting, non-radioactive, environmental protection and human health building materials produced by clean production technology, less use of natural resources and energy, large use of industrial or urban solid waste. It has the properties of demagnetizing, muffling, dimming, adjusting temperature, heat insulation, fire protection, antistatic, and has a special new functional building material to regulate human function. In foreign countries, green building materials have long been in existence.

Green building materials and home decoration

Architectural and decorative construction is widely used in China as a concept has just been recognized by the public. Green building materials are building materials produced by using clean production technology and industrial or urban solid waste. At present, China has developed "green building materials" such as fiber reinforced plasterboard, ceramics, glass, pipe, composite floor, carpet, paint, wallpaper, etc. Such as "mildew proof wallpaper", after chemical treatment, ruled out moldy, froth mold. "Environmental-friendly interior and exterior wall latex paint" is not only odorless, pollution-free, but also can emit fragrance, and can be washed, re-brushed and so on. "Green carpet" can not only prevent corrosion, prevent moth eaten, but also prevent smoldering. "Composite flooring" is made of natural wood, treated by imported paint surface, with moth-proof, mildew-proof, anti-corrosion, fire-proof, non-deformation characteristics. To sum up, green building materials are decorative materials without pollution and harm to human body. [1]

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