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Basic features green building materials

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Basic features green building materials

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basic feature

1. The raw materials used in the production are as little as possible using natural resources, using a large number of tailings, garbage, waste liquor and other wastes.

Green building materials

2, adopt low energy consumption manufacturing process and pollution-free production technology.

3. Formaldehyde, halide solvents or aromatic hydrocarbons shall not be used in the preparation of products or in the production process. Pigments and additives containing mercury and its compounds shall not be included in products.

4. The design of the product is aimed at improving the production environment and the quality of life, that is, the product is not only harmful to human health, but also beneficial to human health. The product has multi-functional, such as antibacterial, sterilization, mildew prevention, deodorization, heat insulation, flame retardant, temperature regulation, humidity regulation, demagnetization, anti-radiation, antistatic and so on.

5, products can be recycled or recycled, and pollution-free waste.

Development goals

The Chinese Academy of Architectural Materials Science put forward five goals for the research and development of green building materials in the pre-selected items of the National Key Scientific and Technological Project of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.

Diatom star coatings

(1) Establish the research and development system of green building materials in China, compile the short-term and long-term development plan of green building materials, establish the database of green building materials, and carry out the research of evaluation technology.

(2) To carry out exploratory research on green building materials and provide research results on planting green building materials, sand consolidation materials and Plant-type concrete for soil improvement in China in the 21st century.

(3) Focus on the comprehensive utilization of high-volume fly ash, municipal solid waste in the field of building materials comprehensive utilization technology research; build an annual production of 1.2 million tons of fly ash products demonstration line an old treatment of 100 tons of construction waste recycled concrete aggregate production line; 600,000 square meters of municipal waste plastic HB composite board production line Strip; 100 thousand square meters of waste sand glass scrap glass ceramic plate production line.

(4) Develop sterilization and healthy production of ceramics, electromagnetic shielding materials, dimming and temperature regulating materials, to provide a set of green building materials for the development of the 21st world production technology. Combined with technology introduction, digestion and absorption, we carry out exploratory research on the technology of waste gas delivery and utilization.


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