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Green building materials and energy saving building materials

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Green building materials and energy saving building materials

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Green building materials and energy saving building materials

Green certification

After building materials are produced, enterprises need to face the market and consumers. For consumers, it is impossible to identify what kind of products are environmentally friendly, healthy and green. At this time, enterprises need the third party, that is, the certification agency to issue relevant labels or certificates to prove that the products are of high quality. The effect of green evidence

Certification unit

Certified by the China Building Material Market Association, the Association issues bronze medals and green building material certificates to enterprises. In order to regulate the building material market and to operate without profit, the enterprises applying for the certificate need to issue environmental and physical performance test reports, which may be {HotTag} commissioned inspection reports.

Validity period and application fee of certification certificate

The certificate is valid for 1 years and the application fee is 3600 yuan.

Application time

Green Building Material Product Certificate [China Building Material Market Association], if the enterprise has inspection report [must be within 12 months report] from the submission of applications to the issuance of certificates, the shortest time is 15 days. Fire protection and environmental protection sign application, if the enterprise has inspection report, time is 30 days, no inspection report, need more than 45 days.

The ten ring logo takes about 50 days from application to certificate issuance.

Preparation for application Enterprises

Enterprises need to fill in the application form, if the need for sampling, enterprises need to prepare the sample base according to the provisions. Of course, other expenses will be paid, and the rest of the business will not need to do other work.

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