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Product identification of green building materials

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Product identification of green building materials

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Product identification of green building materials

First, the most intuitive way is to see the environmental signs in China. The figure consists of the Castle Peak, the green water, the sun and the ten rings around it. The central structure of the graphics shows the environment on which human beings live. The ten rings are closely linked and the rings are closely linked, indicating public participation and common protection of the environment.

Second, "hope, smell, ask, cut" to distinguish materials.

First, look at the appearance and see if the instructions contain the ingredients.

Two, smell, smell, smell whether it is irritating.

The three question is whether it is safe to ask whether the products are checked by the relevant authorities.

Four cut, that is, feel with your hands, feel whether there is burning sensation, whether there is erythema on the touch part. [2]

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