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Development prospect of building materials

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Development prospect of building materials

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Development prospect of building materials

Starting from the actual situation of China, many scholars have put forward the development strategy of ecological building materials.

1. Establish the theory and method of building materials life cycle (LCA) to provide scientific basis and method for the development strategy of ecological building materials and the evaluation of environmental harmony of building materials industry.

2. Producing traditional building materials with the lowest resource and energy consumption and the lowest environmental pollution cost, such as producing high quality cement materials with new dry process technology.

3. Develop building materials products that greatly reduce building energy consumption, such as new composite wall materials and doors and windows materials with excellent functions of light weight, high strength, waterproof, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation.

4. Develop high-performance and long-life building materials, greatly reduce the material consumption and service life of construction projects, such as high-performance cement concrete, thermal insulation, decoration and decoration materials.

5. Develop building materials with functions of improving the living environment and health care, such as antibacterial, deodorizing, temperature regulation, humidity regulation, multi-functional glass, ceramics, coatings, etc.

6. Develop building materials that can replace high energy consumption and environmental pollution, such as non-flagstone fiber cement products, non-toxic and harmless chemical admixtures for cement concrete.

7. Develop the recycling technology of industrial waste, and use industrial waste to produce excellent performance building materials, such as slag, fly ash, silica fume, coal gangue, waste polystyrene foam plastics and other building materials.

8. Develop new building materials that can control industrial pollution, purify and restore the environment or expand human living space, such as special cement used in the development of ocean, underground, saline-alkali land, desert, marsh and other building materials.

9. Expanding the range of available raw materials and fuels and reducing dependence on high-quality, scarce or depleting important raw materials.

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