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Energy saving building materials for you explain what energy saving building materials are.

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Energy saving building materials for you explain what energy saving building materials are.

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What is energy saving building materials, green building materials?

Energy-saving building material is a kind of material used to reduce building energy consumption, mainly including: hollow coated glass plastic energy-saving window, which can prevent ultraviolet radiation, isolate outdoor noise and maintain indoor heat in winter; exterior wall insulation system materials, used to reduce energy consumption in buildings and eliminate heat island effect; interior wall tile veneer ring. Materials are used to avoid pollution and reduce indoor cooling and heating energy loss. The buildings that use these materials can achieve the effect of "cool in winter and cool in summer", which is both energy saving and comfortable. In the case of such a shortage of energy, the promotion of energy-saving building materials should be of great practical significance.

Yingkou Golden Block Energy Saving and Heat Insulation Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the charming coastal city - Yingkou Xianrendao Energy and Chemical Zone. The company was founded in October 2013, the company covers an area of 80,000 square meters, the company's scientific research office building 5,000 square meters, production workshop 20,000 square meters, with large and medium-sized machinery and equipment more than 30 sets (pieces), the company's existing 130 employees, including 20 R & D technicians, 70 professional construction team, the company invested 150 million yuan, the introduction of the country A number of advanced production technology, including JZ new self insulation block, lightweight interior wall panels. Prefabricated ribbed baseplate block and all kinds of footpath bricks, and have exclusive patent rights. Adopting the products of our company can reduce the comprehensive cost by 10% and shorten the construction period by a large margin. It is a new green environmental protection and energy-saving building material industrial base with the integration of large-scale structure heat preservation and the synchronization of service life and building main body in the province.

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