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Policy encourages green applications or will further promote energy-saving building materials and develop energy-saving building materials.

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Policy encourages green applications or will further promote energy-saving building materials and develop energy-saving building materials.

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Policy encourages green applications or will further promote the development of energy-efficient building materials.

Since the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Steady Growth of Building Material Industry and Adjusting the Structure and Increasing the Benefit, Hainan and Henan Province have also promulgated a series of measures to promote the structural reform of the supply side of the building material industry, and proposed to speed up the promotion of the application proportion of green building materials in new buildings to further promote building material workers. Industry transformation and upgrading. The rising proportion of green building materials will also drive the development of energy-saving aluminum alloy doors and windows market.

It is learnt that the recently issued "Hainan Provincial People's Government Office on the promotion of steady growth of building materials industry to increase the benefits of the implementation of the structure" mainly for the building materials industry low-end transitional products account for a large proportion, market supply and demand imbalance, small and decentralized enterprises, and clearly put forward the use of market-driven mechanism to reduce pressure Structural surplus capacity, innovative business models and formats. Strive to 2020, the province's building materials industry structure has been significantly optimized, the proportion of green building materials products has steadily increased, and the supply capacity of high-end products has been significantly enhanced. Comprehensive utilization of various types of waste increased by 20%, unit industrial value-added energy consumption reduced by 8%, nitrogen oxides and dust emissions reduced by 8%; glass deep processing rate reached 60%, green building materials in new building application ratio reached 70%, new wall materials utilization rate reached 100%.

Coincidentally, the Henan Provincial Department of Housing and Construction and the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology jointly issued the "Measures for the Management of Green Building Material Evaluation Marks in Henan Province", which encourages enterprises to develop, produce and popularize green building materials, and stipulates that green building materials should be used in the construction projects of green buildings in the provincial region, encouraging new construction and reform. Construction, extension and other construction projects give priority to the use of green building materials with evaluation marks. It is understood that the method referred to as green building materials in the life cycle can reduce the consumption of natural resources and reduce the impact on the ecological environment, with "energy saving, emission reduction, safety, convenience and recycling" characteristics of building materials products. The green building materials evaluation mark refers to the activity of confirming the green grade of building materials products and carrying on the information mark according to the green building materials evaluation standard, according to the procedures and requirements determined by these Measures.

As an important part of the building envelope, aluminum doors and windows play an important role in energy saving, sound insulation, air tightness, sun shading, recyclable, ventilation and ventilation. Usually the area of doors and windows accounts for about one seventh of the total building area, while the energy consumption of doors and windows accounts for more than half of the building energy consumption. The rational application of aluminum alloy doors and windows is of great significance to the promotion of green buildings. And the relevant policies will promote the application of green building materials, or for the development of energy-saving door and window market.

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