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Development prospect and direction analysis of energy saving building materials industry

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Development prospect and direction analysis of energy saving building materials industry

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Development prospect and direction analysis of energy saving building materials industry

Development prospect of energy saving building materials industry

With the advent of the low-carbon era, new energy-saving building materials are the product of meeting the trend of market development. Energy-saving and environmental protection products will also become building materials industry.

The future development trend of the industry. And China's building energy efficiency is imminent, which also brings new opportunities for the development of new building materials.


With the advent of the 21st century and under the guidance of the scientific concept of development, the construction field has made it clear that a new type of industry, which is resource-saving and environment-friendly, must be adopted.

Turn the road. At present, energy conservation has been initially established in China.


The target system for building energy efficiency design is higher in some areas.


Energy saving standard. For building energy efficiency, the most important link is the use and promotion of new energy-saving building materials. At the same time, through the making of new building materials

Use, building energy efficiency will also achieve remarkable results.

New energy-saving building materials are different from traditional brick, limestone and other new varieties of building materials, the industry will be the scope of new building materials.

It is clearly defined that new building materials mainly include new wall materials, new waterproof sealing materials, new insulation materials and decoration.

Four categories of decoration materials. The utility model has the advantages of low energy consumption in production, remarkable energy saving effect in use, soil saving, land saving, environmental protection, waste benefit, heat insulation, etc.

Heat preservation, fire prevention, light weight, reduced transportation cost, convenient construction, low cost and so on.

Chou Baoxing, Vice Minister of housing and urban rural development, said

The energy consumption per unit area in our country is developed.



It has caused a heavy burden on the society.

The energy burdens and serious environmental pollution. China must take the road of sustainable development, and it is imperative to develop energy-saving and green buildings. In this regard, China built

Xu Yongmo, vice president of the Federation of Building Materials, pointed out that the development of the construction industry, especially the development of building energy conservation, needs the support of the building materials industry. by

Therefore, under the background of energy saving and emission reduction, the construction industry has a great demand for the development of building materials industry, including the new type to meet the requirements of building energy saving.

Wall materials, green fire-proof and durable composite insulation wall structure system, housing industrialization materials and functional integration technology and so on.

CIC released


"China's energy-saving building materials industry in depth research and investment prospects forecast report" pointed out that after decades of

Development, China's building materials industry has become a full range of large-scale, complete system, product supporting capacity, with obvious international competitiveness

The important raw materials and products industry occupies a pivotal position in the international market. With the extensive promotion of energy efficient buildings, the society raises the building materials industry.

With the new requirements, the market demands more and more high energy-saving, consumption-reducing and environmental protection indicators of building materials. The new energy-saving building materials conform to the energy-saving and environmental protection requirements.

Ensuring the development of the situation has become a hot product.

New energy-saving building materials products are gradually increasing in the market, for example, green environmental protection coatings, energy-saving and water-saving sanitary products, environmental stone,

Environmental protection external wall tiles. Energy saving and environmental protection products are promising in the broad market of building materials industry. Sales of products are also rising.

Favored by consumers.

Although, the development of new building materials industry has encountered two major bottlenecks, on the one hand due to cost and market constraints, on the other hand due to the technical wall.

There are also problems related to encouraging imperfect supporting policies. But with the advent of the low carbon era, new energy-saving building materials are catering to the trend of market development.

Products, energy saving and environmental protection products will also become the development trend of the building materials industry in the future. And China's building energy efficiency is imminent, this also gives the new type.

The development of building materials has brought opportunities. It is foreseeable that the development of green energy-saving building materials with energy saving effect will have unlimited potential.

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