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Wall self insulation building blocks help building green energy saving in China

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Wall self insulation building blocks help building green energy saving in China

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Wall self insulation building blocks help building green energy saving in China

Yingkou Golden Block Energy-saving and Heat-insulating Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. in-depth analysis with the development of China's building energy-saving undertakings, the traditional small hollow concrete block insulation performance is poor, in order to meet the requirements of building energy-saving design, wall self-insulating blocks came into being.

Wall self-insulation block is a kind of functional block which can improve the thermal insulation performance of the block by some effective measures on the basis of ordinary concrete block. That is, the single wall system (self-insulation wall) built by the block can not only play the role of thermal insulation but also play the role of wall structure enclosure.

Wall self-insulation system can be divided into autoclaved aerated concrete block wall self-insulation system, energy-saving sintered shale hollow block wall self-insulation system, ceramsite concrete small hollow block wall self-insulation system.

Compared with other forms of wall insulation, wall self-insulation block has its own advantages, such as reducing the heat bridge and heat transfer area, significantly improving the insulation performance of the wall; in masonry wall, one-time molding, very convenient, easy to ensure the quality of the project, and no need to use any other special Thermal insulation measures to solve the building insulation wall integrity and weatherability, so that the service life of the wall insulation system is consistent with the building; self-insulation wall and cement bonding strength is high, its external wall decoration construction is simple and stable, to solve other insulation wall decoration easy to fall off the problem of hollow. At the same time, the cost of self-insulation wall is low, and it is easy to detect and control the quality, reducing the construction cost of the insulation system. In conclusion, owing to the above advantages, the wall self insulation block will have broad application prospects.

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