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Popularization and application of green building materials

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Popularization and application of green building materials

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Popularization and application of green building materials

The popularization and application of green building materials and green buildings are guided by the concept of green, low carbon and recycling, promoting the upgrading of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies, improving the efficiency of resource utilization and promoting the recycling of solid waste. As far as raw materials are concerned, industrial waste and urban construction waste should be used as much as possible. In the production process, to achieve harmless disposal of municipal refuse, the pursuit of zero discharge of waste water, waste gas and pollutants, to create a garden factory. In the application of products, new green building materials are applied to green buildings.

"At present, thre are still some problems in developing circular economy and promoting the development of green building materials.

First, the scope of application is small, the proportion is low, according to preliminary estimates, green building materials accounted for only about 10% of the construction industry materials, the industrial scale is only about 350 billion yuan;

Two, the standard is not perfect. Most of the existing product standard systems do not consider the green elements as a whole.

Three, the investment of new building material products is large, the funds of enterprises are limited, and the development power is insufficient.

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